Retainers are essential to maintaining the improvement that has been achieved through orthodontic treatment. Retainers allow the teeth to settle into their new, corrected alignment permanently after years of correction through braces. Our in-house specialists will fabricate a personalised set of retainers to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit.

We will reproduce your overall dental structure through a personalised mould of your teeth. Based on this mould, we will design a retainer made out of wire and/or acrylic material. After the retainer is finished, our dental specialists will personally insert it on a separate appointment.

There are two kinds of retainers: permanent and removable. Each kind has its own distinct advantages

Permanent Retainer

  • They last for many years.
  • Great solution for patient that are forgetful.
  • Great solution for patients that had significant crowding or irregularity of the front teeth at the onset.

Removable Retainer

  • Simple to use as they can be removed.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Patient can still easily brush and floss teeth.