interceptive treatment


Expansion Treatment helps the upper jaw to eliminate a cross-bite. Helps to create space for overly crowded teeth for one or both jaws. Also, facilitate the proper eruption of permanent teeth for early removal of specific baby teeth.

Myofunctional Appliances

Myofunctional appliances are implements designed to adjust the shape, size, and position of the jaw bones for orthopaedic purposes. It is designed for children who are in need of corrective measures to the positioning of their jaw bones, for either aesthetic or functional purposes. We can create a custom-fabricated myofunctional appliance that can be worn on the teeth or the jaws to ensure the healthy, painless, symmetrical growth of both the upper and lower jaw.

  • This treatment is healthier and better for airway and the health of the child.
  • Its an easier option for creating more room for the tongue to retrain in the maxillae and to restore the right way of breathing and swallowing.
  • It is unobtrusive and does not affect speech.
  • If the child starts treatment early (below 8yrs old) he/she often does not need an expander.
  • The next steps in alignment become so much easier after this treatment.
  • Often long term retainers are not needed.

Carriere Motion Appliance

The Carriere Motion Appliance is bonded to your teeth in the first phase of orthodontic treatment. Using specialized rubberbands that you attach to the Carriere Motion Appliance, the teeth move to the desired location.

Once the desired location of the teeth has been achieved, usually within 3 to 5 months, the Carriere Motion Appliance can be removed and the next phase of treatment can begin (usually with bonding braces or delivering aligners).

  • Shorter treatment time – the appliance is used before braces for faster movement of teeth and less time in braces.
  • Elastics early on – elastics are worn in the beginning of treatment.
  • Aethestically pleasing – the unique design makes the appliance hardly noticeable.
  • Normal speech – the quality of your speech is not affected.
  • No facial appliance needed – no need for bulky traditional appliances such as headgear that are worn outside the mouth.
  • Sleek, low profile design – low profile design and smooth surface makes it comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to keep clean – easy to brush and floss your teeth with the appliance on.