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Orthodontics refers to the field of dentistry, which deals with the misalignment, and positioning of teeth and jaws. Crooked teeth, overcrowding and improperly positioned teeth are great examples of cases where it is necessary to consult dentists who are specialists in the field of orthodontics.

People who suffer from misaligned teeth and jaw problems experience difficulties in maintaining proper oral care. Daily brushing and flossing are made much more difficult, as the unnatural arrangement of teeth make some places and spaces more difficult to reach and clean. This increases the risk of tooth decay and other periodontal diseases.

How an orthodontist Can Help You

Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry focused on providing treatments and preventive measures to help people enjoy better oral health and achieve a beautiful, more appealing smile.

Dental specialists in the field of orthodontics are known as orthodontists. The following are some of the major causes to visit orthodontists:

  • Crowding – When the candidate has more teeth than the normal total, causing them to overlap and grow in a misaligned manner
  • Spacing – When the candidate has gaps and spaces caused by missing or inadequately sized teeth
  • Bite problems – Occurs when the lower jaw is far too forward and the upper jaw too far back, (under bite) or when the upper jaw is far too forward than the lower too far back (over bite)

Braces, aligners, space maintainers, retainers and head gears are among the removable and non-removable orthodontic treatments available for patients. With these, our specialist orthodontists can help people achieve a better smile, with means that they can be comfortable in, at prices they can afford.

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