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Technological advances in dentistry offer a multitude of possibilities to repair damages to our teeth that are permanent. Dental or oral surgery effectively restoring the irreversible injuries to the mouth, teeth, and jaws. These are performed by dentists with specialised knowledge and experience, also known as dental surgeons or oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

At Dubai Sky CLinic we have experienced oral Surgeon in Dubai performs oral surgery for various conditions inside the mouth and on the teeth starting from simple tooth extractions to solving problems with the frenula. Additionally, oral surgery involves advanced procedures, including traumas due to accidents or severe disease damage to the mouth’s structure.

Advanced Surgical Treatments for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Dubai

Dubai Sky Clinic is one of the leading dental clinic in Dubai that offers specialised and technologically advanced surgical treatments and solutions to treat common oral health problems that require surgical intervention, such as wisdom tooth extraction bone grafting, bone implants or intensive care management in case of accidents, infections or injuries. Our experienced oral surgeon in Dubai perform oral surgery with maximum safety and comfort.

The following provides brief descriptions of common oral surgical procedures, from the simplest to the most complicated form of oral surgery:

  • Wisdom tooth extraction is the common dental surgery procedure performed by an oral surgeon. It emerges through gum tissues and impacts surrounding teeth and dental structures. We provide advanced Wisdom tooth extraction in Dubai to treat pain and infections.
  • Bone grafting is the re-establishment of a jawbone that has been lost due to traumatic injuries. Thereby, surgery involves reconstructing the inadequate bone structures.
  • Frenectomy is one of the common surgeries performed among children. It is a procedure that occurs due to the frenula obstructing the mouth’s normal functionalities, including speech.

Bone Graft

People lose teeth for various reasons, such as age, periodontal diseases, and traumatic accidents serve prominent roles. However, when a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone collapses. To avoid the collapse and preserve for future dental implants or aesthetic purposes, bone grafting has paving its way into popularity.

A bone graft is a procedure that rebuilds the bone structure. It performs to reverse the bone loss or destruction, thus necessary to supplement the bone mass of a patient’s jaw.

Purpose Of Bone Graft

A bone grafting procedure is necessary to reverse the damages caused by periodontal diseases, trauma, and ill-fitting dentures or enhance one’s aesthetic features of missing teeth. Dental implants require bone graft procedures before implantation. Usually, the bone graft process takes up to 6-12 months of healing before the dental implants can be placed.

This procedure is performed as part of the dental implant process. It involves harvesting bone material from a specific area of the body, which is then grafted onto the jawbone.

Bone grafts are done when a patient does not have enough bone density to support dental implants. It strengthens a jawbone that has shrunk or become extremely thin due to bone loss. Dental implants require enough bone volume or mass, and the false tooth is secured tightly and properly onto the jaw.

There are three types of bone grafts available to patients to source the bone for the procedure

  • Autogenous graft – Bone taken from one area of the body and transferred to the area of grafting
  • Allograft – Synthetic bone or bone from human donors (will be placed through series of sterilisation techniques for safety and hygiene)
  • Xenograft- Bone that is harvested from animals such as the cow

Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is a bone graft procedure performed to improve bone mass within the upper jaw to facilitate dental implantation. It involves raising the sinus membrane to make sufficient room for the growth and development of new bone.

Surgical Wisdom Teeth Extraction

To remove wisdom teeth that are “impacted” and embedded in the jawbone, the oral surgeon or wisdom tooth extraction specialist in Dubai will need to make an incision into the gums. The specialist will then remove the impacted wisdom tooth or teeth in sections to reduce the amount of bone being removed.

Patients who undergo wisdom teeth extraction may experience swelling and tenderness in the face and neck.

Dr. Rabih Abi Nader, Implantologist and Oral Surgeon

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