Laser Dentistry in Dubai

Restore Natural Gum with Laser Specialist in Dubai

Laser technology can now be used to target and treat a variety of gum diseases. With laser treatment, dentists can restore the natural teeth of patients and their gums to optimum health without the need for incisions, stitches, or the discomfort associated with traditional gum surgery.

Dental lasers harness the energy of different light wavelengths to act as a cutting instrument or a vaporizer of tissue that it comes in contact with.

Dubai Sky Clinic Offers Premium Treatments with Laser Dentistry in Dubai

At Dubai Sky Clinic, our laser specialist in Dubai, provide premier laser dentistry services to treat many periodontal diseases and help you fight your gum related issues quickly and effectively. This procedure is considered effective against bacterial infections, gingivitis, gum pigmentation and discolouration, crown lengthening, pocket reduction and more.

Types of Soft Tissue (Gum) Dental Laser Procedures

Gum Disease Treatment: Laser-assisted gum surgery can stimulate and accelerate healing of infected/diseased gum pockets by minimizing or totally removing pocket depth. The treatment also assists in restoring the health of periodontal structures that surround teeth, and significantly reduce the presence of bacteria. Certain types of dental laser technology can allow regeneration or “new attachment” of bones, ligaments, and gum connective tissue.

Laser dentistry treatment is also used to reshape gum tissues (soft tissue later) and the bone (hard tissue laser) to uncover strong and healthy tooth structures (crown lengthening) and enable restorative procedures such as application of dental crowns and fillings.

Dental lasers can reshape or reduce gum tissue to expose additional tooth structure, in order to enhance the appearance of a “gummy” smile.

Laser frenectomy is ideal for children who have extremely low connection of the fold of skin (frenum) between two front teeth. The frenum may prevent proper closure of the gap during orthodontic treatment. Laser frenectomy can also help in resolving speech difficulties, or any challenge in brushing teeth due to a low frenum.

Dental lasers can be used to remove soft tissue as painlessly as possible.

Advantages Of Laser Dentistry Include

• In some cases, dental laser treatment for soft tissues leaves no wounds that require sutures.

• Laser dentistry reduces bleeding because the light beam’s energy promotes the clotting process (coagulation) of exposed blood vessels, which in turn reduces blood loss.

• It can prevent bacterial infections because its high-energy beam sterilizes the target area.

• Because of its high precision, laser dentistry reduces potential damage to surrounding tissues.

• Wounds heal more quickly and periodontal tissues can be regenerated.

Dental Lasers And Treatment Of Periodontal Disease

Gum Whitening in Dubai

In addition to treating periodontal diseases, our clinic offers world-class gum whitening in Dubai for patients who suffer from dark gums. This condition is caused by hyperpigmentation, which is the concentration of melanin in a particular area. This can often be attributed to genetics, but studies also link poor dental habits and smoking to this condition.

At Dubai Sky Clinic, we can help you lighten the colour of your gums with advanced dental laser technology. Our minimally invasive whitening procedure removes dark pigmentation on the gums, thus effectively alleviating gum discolouration. Our clinic does not use needles or involve incisions, which translates to a painless treatment and short recovery.

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