Digital Dentistry

Intraoral X-Ray

This is the most common type of x-ray used by clinics today because of its high image quality. Because it provides such a high level of detail, it allows dental professionals to check for cavities and monitor the health of tooth roots. It can also be used to check the health of the jawbone surrounding the teeth, and the general health of your teeth.

Panoramic X-Ray

This type of x-ray is capable of capturing all the teeth from both the upper and lower jaws. It is produced by a special machine that emits x-ray circles at the back of the head as the film circles across the front. This produces a broad spectrum view of the jaw cavity on a single film.

The scanning component of the machine moves on a singular path, which requires the patient to be in perfect position throughout the duration of the scan. This is achieved through contraptions that are designed to comfortably hold the patient in a fixed position for a short period of time.

Cephalometric X-Ray

Cephalometric x-rays reproduce an image of the entire side of the head to study the positioning of the teeth in relation to the jaw and the facial profile. Images produced by this machine are often used to identify the most appropriate orthodontic treatment for a particular case.

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